Case Study

Revitalizing Business Operations: Modernizing a SharePoint Intranet

Business Objectives

The project’s primary goals were to enhance the user experience, improve operational efficiency, and ensure data security by modernizing the SharePoint Intranet.

  • Enhance User Experience: Create an intuitive and engaging interface.
  • Improve Operational Efficiency: Streamline data access and user features.
  • Ensure Data Security: Protect against downtime and data loss


The team at the crown corporation faced several significant challenges that threatened their operational efficiency and data security. Operating on an unsupported version of SharePoint left them vulnerable to potential downtime and data loss, which could disrupt their critical services. Additionally, the existing user experience was non-intuitive, leading to low engagement and productivity. Furthermore, the older SharePoint version did not support the modern features essential for the corporation’s evolving needs.

  • Looming Risk of Downtime and Data Loss: The unsupported SharePoint version posed significant risks to data security and operational continuity.
  • Non-Intuitive User Experience: The existing platform was cumbersome, hindering user engagement and productivity.
  • Lack of Modern Features: The outdated system failed to support emerging technologies and features necessary for the corporation’s growth.


Understanding the urgency and importance of the task, Convverge crafted a comprehensive solution. They delivered a fully supported, modern platform that streamlined data access and user features. Using contemporary techniques, tools, and best practices, Convverge facilitated the seamless migration of data to ensure continuity and security. A revamped user interface and experience were meticulously designed to entice users to interact with the system, enhancing overall engagement. Additionally, Convverge introduced new intranet features that significantly improved the user experience, including a custom-branded look and feel achieved without resorting to custom code.

  • A Modern, Supported Platform: Delivered a platform that streamlined data access and integrated user features.
  • Efficient Data Migration: Ensured a seamless transition using the latest techniques and best practices.
  • Revamped User Interface and Experience: Created an intuitive and engaging interface that boosted user interaction.
  • Value-Added Intranet Features: Introduced features that enhanced usability and functionality.
  • Custom Branded Look and Feel: Achieved a unique and branded appearance using SharePoint’s native capabilities.

Success KPIs

The success of the SharePoint Intranet modernization project was measured through several key performance indicators (KPIs) that demonstrated the significant impact and effectiveness of the transformation:

  • Improved User Engagement: Increased interaction and satisfaction with the new intranet platform.
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Streamlined data access and processes, reducing time and effort.
  • Reduced Downtime Risks: Ensured continuous availability and data security.
  • Adoption of Modern Features: Enabled the use of new technologies and functionalities.
  • Custom Branding Impact: Achieved a distinctive and professional look without custom code.

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