Welcome to Convverge, where our approach to IT services stands out.

We’re a tenacious team of communicators with a genuine love of technology. We live and breathe customer success – and we believe that our ability to share ideas and suggest solutions in jargon-free conversations will make us a valuable extension of your team.

Flexible solutions

We provide customized IT solutions that are as unique as your business and are designed to adapt to your specific needs and workflows.

Technical proficiency

We excel in IT consulting, software development, and complex technology challenges — ensuring an optimized infrastructure.

Customer service

We take pride in being highly responsive, communicating effectively, and becoming a valuable extension of your internal team.

Our Service Delivery Model

A proven process that moves you forward.


Let’s Talk

We’ll begin with a conversation that helps us to understand your vision, challenges, and digital optimization goals. Then we’ll explore how your current technologies can integrate with new solutions and outline how we can help you with your digital transformation.



A comprehensive needs analysis will ensure that our proposed solutions will align with your business objectives and end-users’ needs. By identifying budgetary, technological, and time constraints we will create a plan that is both tailored and realistic.



Our team will develop a detailed architectural plan that is robust, scalable, and integrated. Design prototypes will give you a tangible preview of the proposed solution so you can provide early feedback and course corrections.



The development phase employs agile coding and configuration to make iterative and incremental progress. We’ll leverage the full suite of Microsoft technologies, while keeping you informed and involved every step of the way.



To validate that the solution is bug-free, secure, and aligns with best practices, it will undergo rigorous testing. Then, end-users will be engaged to measure user acceptance and gather valuable feedback.



We’ll ensure that the software integrates seamlessly with your existing Microsoft and third-party technology. Infrastructure setup will see the necessary environments configured on premises and in the cloud. Downtime and disruption will be minimized.



During the post-deployment analysis, we’ll perform a thorough review informed by user requirements and feedback. The team will meet to discuss what went well, what could be improved, and how to implement changes during the next development cycle.



Ongoing support will be provided to resolve issues quickly. Usage will be monitored continuously, in order to suggest and implement improvements. Regular updates and maintenance will fortify your technology investment.

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Why choose Convverge?

Why Convverge?

It’s common knowledge that organizations are the most successful when motivated people work together toward a common goal, and that’s true about a technology consultant as well. At Convverge, our goal is to partner with you and equip your people with the right tools to best leverage new technologies for key pieces of your business.


Fanatical Customer Focus

We live and breathe customer success – it’s at the core of our DNA. When you tell us your aspirations and business objectives, we unite your vision with the most potent technology solutions available — ones that can enhance operations and perpetuate your success. Our ability to stay focused and deliver meaningful strategies has earned us a stellar reputation that we both value and work hard to keep.


Clear & Simple Communication

We believe in explaining our ideas and solutions in ways that everyone understands. We work best with organizations that value clear and jargon-free conversations and are seeking earnest guidance on how to best solve their problems. In our experience, this straightforward approach builds trust and makes it possible for Convverge to be a valued extension of your team.


A Tenacious Team

It’s no coincidence that everyone on the Convverge team is down-to-earth, possesses a unique tech skillset, and tackles your challenges with the same tenacity they would their own. Our team is intentionally filled with that particular type of person, reflecting our dedication to bringing your digital ideas to life.


Genuine Love of Technology

To us, technology represents possibility. From complex digital transformations to more tactical renovation projects, we demonstrate our love of technology through our work. We take pride in developing our team’s skill set, so they can help you get the most out of tools and solutions that have the potential to innovate and modernize every area of your business

They know what they’re doing

Utilities Company
Manager, Utilities

We use Convverge for high-level cloud issues. They’re the experts, and we want their opinion.

Building Code Consultants
Business Controller

Any issues that we send their way, we know will get taken care of almost immediately.

Land Survey and Asset Integrity Firm
Manager, Land Survey

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