Case Study

Unveiling Insights: Convverge’s Power BI Transformation for a Global Attraction

Business Objectives

Convverge’s mission was clear: to provide the client with the ability to access and analyze their ticketing data seamlessly. The first step was to confirm the overall business requirements, including identifying the data sources and required report fields. Convverge then set out to design a solution architecture that included robust ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes and to configure an Azure development environment that would ensure smooth integration.

  • Confirm Business Requirements: Identify data sources and required report fields.
  • Design Solution Architecture: Develop ETL processes to extract, transform, and load data.
  • Configure Azure Environment: Set up a development environment for seamless integration.


The journey to unlock the ticketing data was not without its hurdles. The primary challenge lay in accessing the ticketing data stored within Ticketmaster’s proprietary system. Convverge needed to design an effective ETL process to transform and load the data efficiently. Additionally, configuring the Azure development environment to ensure seamless integration posed its own set of challenges.

  • Accessing Ticketing Data: Overcoming barriers to extract data from Ticketmaster’s proprietary system.
  • Designing ETL Processes: Creating an effective process to transform and load the data.
  • Configuring Azure Environment: Ensuring seamless integration within the development environment.


Convverge approached the problem with a meticulous and strategic plan. They developed an automated macro to connect to the Ticketmaster portal and download the necessary data, saving it to a CSV file. This was the first step in the extraction process. For the transformation phase, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) was utilized to process and load the data into an on-premise SQL Server database. Finally, for the visualization phase, Power BI Desktop, optimized for Power BI Report Server, was employed to create a visually appealing and interactive report based on the extracted Ticketmaster data.

  • Extract: Developed an automated macro to download data from Ticketmaster.
  • Transform: Used SSIS to process and load data into an SQL Server database.
  • Visualize: Employed Power BI Desktop to create interactive and visually appealing reports.

Success KPIs

The project’s success was measured by several key performance indicators:

  • Increased Accessibility: Enhanced access to Ticketmaster data for stakeholders.
  • Improved Decision-Making: Better decision-making based on analytical insights.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Improved collaboration and user experience within the organization.
  • Successful Deployment: Efficient deployment of ETL processes using SSIS.

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