Case Study

Transforming Financial Operations: Seamless Intranet Migration for Enhanced Collaboration

Business Objectives

The financial institution’s leadership team was clear about their objectives. They wanted to create a centralized intranet environment that would unify their diverse divisions and optimize the user experience through a seamless navigation system. This new platform was expected to enhance daily operations and foster a more collaborative workplace culture.

  • Streamline and Centralize: Create a unified intranet environment.
  • Optimize User Experience: Implement an intuitive global navigation system.


The path to achieving these objectives was fraught with challenges. The team had to migrate and merge two distinct SharePoint-based intranets, each with its own set of complexities. Designing a solution architecture that could house the migrated content effectively was crucial. Additionally, unifying various divisions under a cohesive navigation structure and developing a custom web part to visualize a centrally managed menu structure required meticulous planning and execution.

  • Migrating and Merging Intranets: Combining two distinct SharePoint-based systems.
  • Creating Solution Architecture: Developing a robust framework for migrated content.
  • Unifying Divisions: Ensuring a cohesive navigation structure.
  • Custom Navigation Solution: Designing and implementing a global navigation system.
  • Developing Web Parts: Visualizing a centrally managed menu structure.


Convverge’s team rolled up their sleeves and got to work. Over the span of one month, they delivered a comprehensive intranet solution that addressed all the identified challenges. They implemented a new site architecture, including pages, libraries, and lists. Updates to the Most Valuable Features (MVF) home page were made, incorporating communication boards, quick links, and MVF-specific information. The team also managed the migration of document libraries from various organizational locations, configuring suitable content types and metadata to house corporate documents, policies, and procedures.

  • Comprehensive Solution: Delivered within one month.
  • Site Architecture Implementation: Included pages, libraries, and lists.
  • MVF Home Page Updates: Added communication boards, quick links, and specific information.
  • Document Library Migration: Configured content types and metadata for corporate documents.

Success KPIs

The success of the intranet migration project was measured through several key performance indicators (KPIs) that demonstrated the significant impact of the transformation:

  • Increased Adoption: Employees widely adopted the new intranet solution, integrating it into their daily workflows.
  • Improved Productivity and Efficiency: The streamlined document management process enhanced overall productivity and operational efficiency.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: The unified platform fostered greater teamwork and communication across the organization.
  • Reduced Operational Costs: The automation of document management processes led to significant cost savings.
  • Increased Employee Retention: The improved work environment contributed to higher employee satisfaction and retention rates.

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