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Explore the potential of modern technology.

The modern workplace has evolved beyond the expectation of in-office meetings, document hardcopies, and regular business hours. Today, it’s possible to log in, meet face-to-face, and get work done from anywhere in the world. Convverge can outfit your business with a customized suite of technology for remote team collaboration, secure access to digital assets, cloud storage, productivity, and video conferencing.

Why work with Convverge?

We’re a tenacious team of communicators with a genuine love of technology. We live and breathe customer success — and we believe that our ability to share ideas and suggest solutions in jargon-free conversations will make us a valuable extension of your team.

Key solutions offered



We offer modern workplace solutions that leverage cloud technology to provide easy and secure access to information and colleagues.

SharePoint Online Development

Creating and managing secure and collaborative intranet sites for document management and information sharing.

Microsoft Teams Implementation

Set up and customization of Microsoft Teams for chat, meetings, calls, and collaboration — fully integrated with Office 365 applications.

Remote Collaboration Tools

Facilitating seamless communication and collaboration, regardless of location.

Secure Access Solutions

Assuring safe and secure access to critical documents and systems from any device.

Cloud Integration

Tapping into the vast potential of the cloud for storage, collaboration, and enhanced productivity.

Unified Communication Systems

Integrating chat, video conferencing, and collaborative tools for a holistic communication experience.

Microsoft 365 Deployment

Full deployment and optimization of Microsoft 365 applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more for enhanced productivity.

OneDrive for Business Solutions

Implementing and managing OneDrive for secure cloud storage and file sharing across devices.

Microsoft Viva Integration

Enhancing employee experience with Viva for insights, learning, resources, and communications.

Microsoft Copilot Integration

Utilize Microsoft Copilot, an AI-powered coding assistant, to streamline development processes and enhance productivity in building modern workplace solutions.

Technology Leveraged

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, Convverge will recommend and put cloud technology services to work for your business.

Microsoft Teams

A hub for teamwork in Microsoft 365, enabling chat, meetings, calls, and collaboration all in one place.


A dynamic platform for internal websites, document management, and collaboration.

Copilot Studio

Create end to end conversational AI solutions to empower your teams.

Microsoft 365 Suite

A comprehensive set of productivity tools including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more, all optimized for cloud-based collaboration.

Modern workplace solutions FAQs

How do Convverge’s modern workplace solutions adapt to the changing work environment?

Convverge’s Modern Workplace solutions are designed to cater to the evolving needs of today’s workforce, emphasizing flexibility in where and when employees work. Our solutions provide secure remote working tools, easy access to documents and systems, and intuitive collaboration across all devices, leveraging cloud services and Microsoft 365 technologies.

Why should I choose Convverge for implementing modern workplace solutions?

Convverge stands out with a team that combines a deep understanding of technology with effective communication. We focus on customer success and offer jargon-free consultations, making us an ideal partner to integrate modern workplace solutions into your business.

What types of remote collaboration tools does Convverge offer?

We offer a range of remote collaboration tools that facilitate seamless communication and collaboration regardless of location. These include integrated chat, video conferencing, and collaborative tools, all aimed at enhancing team productivity and unity.

How does Convverge ensure secure access to my company’s critical documents and systems?

Convverge provides secure access solutions that ensure safe and reliable access to your critical documents and systems from any device. Our focus on security means that your data and communications are protected, even in a remote working setup.

Can Convverge help in integrating cloud services for my business?

Absolutely. We specialize in cloud integration, tapping into the vast potential of cloud services for storage, collaboration, and enhanced productivity. Our expertise helps businesses harness the power of cloud computing to its fullest.

What Microsoft technologies does Convverge leverage for modern workplace solutions?

Convverge leverages a suite of Microsoft technologies, including Microsoft Teams for integrated teamwork, SharePoint for document management and collaboration, and Copilot and the Microsoft 365 Suite for a comprehensive set of cloud-optimized productivity tools. These technologies are essential in creating a cohesive and efficient digital workplace.

Our Partner

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As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, Convverge has a high-level of expertise with Microsoft technologies for business. These include Business Applications, Data & AI, Digital & App Innovation, Infrastructure, Security, and Modern Workplace.

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