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Power Platform is a suite of business applications that can be used to create custom apps, automate workflows, analyze data, and create virtual agents. It was designed to be accessible by non-technical users, enabling teams to work swiftly and efficiently. Convverge offers Power Platform consulting services that include custom application development, data analytics and visualization, workflow automation, chatbot development, web experience creation, and integration services.

What it can do

Power Platform applications

Power Platform makes powerful technology more accessible at all levels of your organization.

Power Apps

A low-code platform from Microsoft for quickly creating feature-rich custom applications that meet specific business and organizational needs.

Power Automate

A tool for automating repetitive tasks and creating efficient workflows across applications and services in the Microsoft ecosystem.

Power BI

An interactive data visualization and business intelligence tool enables users to create reports and dashboards from various data sources.

Copilot Studio

Formerly Power Virtual Agents, Copilot Studio is a transformative customer service solution that offers AI-driven support, personalized interactions, and insightful analytics.

Power Pages

A web development platform that elevates your online presence by enabling you to craft websites that are secure and scalable.

Citizen Development

An approach that enables non-technical users (“citizen developers”) to create apps, automate workflows, and analyze data.


A tool that defines how data-driven applications will be developed and deployed in a secure and policy-compliant manner.

How we can help

Power Platform professional services

Convverge helps businesses realize the full potential of Power Platform’s user-friendly features.

Custom Application Development

Development of custom mobile-friendly applications using Microsoft Power Apps, to streamline processes and enhance user experiences.

Data Analytics & Visualization

Interactive dashboards and reports created using Power BI’s visualization capabilities can enable informed decision-making.

Workflow Automation

Automation and optimization of business processes with Power Automate, to reduce time-intensive manual efforts and improve efficiency.

Chatbot Development

Creation of AI-driven chatbots tailored to your needs using Power Virtual Agents, to improve customer interactions and support.


Development of secure, responsive, and brand-aligned portals using the intuitive design tools and integration features in Power Pages.

Integration Services

Ensuring that Power Platform solutions work in harmony with existing systems, including other Microsoft services and third-party applications.

Power Platform FAQs

What is Microsoft Power Platform and what can it do for my business?

Power Platform is a suite of Microsoft tools – Power BI, Power Apps, and Power Automate – designed to help businesses analyze data, build solutions, automate processes, and create virtual agents. It’s a powerful tool for driving efficiency and innovation in business operations.

How easy is it to use Microsoft Power Platform? Do I need technical expertise?

Power Platform is designed with a low-code approach, making it accessible for users with varying levels of technical expertise. It allows both non-technical users and developers to create solutions, analyze data, and automate processes easily.

Can Power Platform integrate with my existing systems?

Yes, Power Platform integrates well with various Microsoft products and numerous external data sources and systems. This integration facilitates seamless data flow and process automation across different business applications.

Is Microsoft Power Platform secure and compliant with industry standards?

Microsoft places a strong emphasis on security and compliance. Power Platform adheres to Microsoft’s robust security protocols and meets various industry compliance standards, ensuring your data is secure and your operations are compliant.

What are the costs associated with using Microsoft Power Platform?

The cost of using Power Platform varies depending on the specific products and the level of usage. Microsoft offers flexible pricing models, including both individual and bundled options, to accommodate different business sizes and needs.

How does Power Platform support mobile users?

Power Apps, a component of Power Platform, allows businesses to develop custom mobile applications. These apps can run on various devices, enabling users to access and interact with business applications on-the-go.

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