Be everywhere at once, using virtual agents.

Copilot Studio makes it possible to create powerful AI-powered virtual agents that interact and engage with your customers and employees. Convverge will help you meet the demands of far-ranging requests — from fielding simple customer service questions, to more complex conversations. Copilot Studio is capable of acting as your proxy in multiple languages, on social networks, and via Microsoft Teams.

What Copilot Studio Can Do

Key Features & Benefits

Copilot Studio unlocks the full potential of AI by seamlessly integrating with your organization’s data, providing generative answers tailored specifically to your needs. Here’s how Copilot Studio empowers your team:

Customization Options

Tailor existing Copilot experiences across a range of Microsoft 365 environments, ensuring a personalized user engagement.

Bot Development

Develop and deploy AI-powered agents for specific tasks within your organization, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Centralized Management

Simplify the management of Copilot deployment, sharing, and scaling, streamlining administrative tasks.

Generative AI

Harness cutting-edge generative AI capabilities to create powerful, customized Copilots that provide insightful answers based on your organization’s data.

Code-Free Interface

Utilize a user-friendly, code-free graphical interface that eliminates the need for specialized AI knowledge, making Copilot Studio accessible to all team members.

Streamlined Interface

Unify the process of creating customizable features and independent Copilots, enhancing collaboration and efficiency.

Efficient Handling

Connect AI processes seamlessly throughout construction, deployment, analysis, and management stages, optimizing workflow efficiency.


Benefit from seamless integration within Microsoft 365 apps, ensuring a smooth user experience for millions of users already familiar with the platform.

Data Protection

Safeguard commercial data with free data protection features, ensuring security and confidentiality while signed into Copilot with your Entra ID.

Access Control

Operate on behalf of individual users, with access limited to each user’s specific permissions, ensuring data integrity and privacy.

How we can help

Copilot Studio professional services

Convverge helps businesses build, deploy, and manage copilots.


Enterprise scenarios tailored to each business’ unique organizational needs.

Channel Integration

Integration of website, apps, and social channels — supported by Azure Bot Framework.

User-Friendly Interface

Support for the code-free interface used to create AI copilots without specialized knowledge.

Practical Applications

Deployment of AI copilots in scenarios ranging from sales queries to employee management.


Implementation as a standalone web app and as an integrated app within Microsoft Teams.

Usage Limitations

Training and support for the responsible and ethical use of AI-powered copilots.


Improvements and fine-tuning of the custom copilots created using Copilot Studio.

Publishing Copilots

Assistance with publishing custom copilots to effectively reach the intended audience.

Copilot Studio FAQs

What is Copilot Studio?

Copilot Studio is a tool that creates chatbot topics from descriptions you write.

What are Copilot Studio’s capabilities?

It uses advanced language models and Azure OpenAI to understand your goals, figures out how different parts of a chatbot topic work together, and creates a complete topic with connected parts.

What is Copilot Studio’s intended use?

With the “Create with Copilot” feature, you can describe what you want your chatbot to do, and Copilot Studio will create a pathway to make it happen.

How was Copilot Studio evaluated?

It was tested with a variety of prompts and topics, including common, unusual, and inappropriate content, as well as with artificially created tests.

What are the limitations of Copilot Studio?

It only works in English and is designed for bots created in the US. It might not work well with other languages.

What operational factors and settings allow for effective and responsible use of Copilot Studio?

Always check and test your bots carefully before you start using them publicly.

Convverge, Inc. exhibits acute attention to detail, and they truly love what they do – that’s what sets them apart.

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It felt like they always had everything under control and walked us through the process.

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