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Modern Workplace is an enhanced approach to working in the digital age. It leverages the power of cloud-based office productivity tools, document management, remote collaboration, employee platforms, and AI virtual assistants. The result is a dynamic, flexible, and highly productive work environment that prioritizes agility and connection. Convverge guides businesses through the adoption of solutions that will help them make this cultural shift.

What it includes

Modern Workplace applications

Modern Workplace solutions improve productivity, collaboration, and employee experiences.

Microsoft 365

An integrated suite of productivity tools — including Word, Excel, and Outlook — for business communication and collaboration.


A knowledge-sharing platform for teams that facilitates document management, content collaboration, and intranet development.


Microsoft’s solution for remote collaboration, with features for real-time communication, video conferencing, and file sharing.


A platform that enhances employee well-being, knowledge sharing, and organizational insights within Microsoft 365.


An AI-powered virtual assistant that offers intelligent guidance and assistance across various software applications.

What Modern Workplace can do

Key Features & Benefits

Modern Workplace enables distributed teams to innovate and stay productive together.

Enhanced Collaboration

Modern Workplace fosters team collaboration for in-office, hybrid, and remote workers. Using tools like Microsoft Teams, team members can communicate, share files, and move projects forward in real time.

Flexibility & Mobility

Cloud-based solutions offer flexibility for employees to work from anywhere — at a desk or on the go. Modern Workplace offers teams access to organizational data and applications securely, using a variety of devices.

Security & Compliance

Modern Workplace prioritizes security and compliance, with features like data encryption, threat protection, and compliance management. This ensures that sensitive information remains secure, in alignment with regulations.

Productivity & Innovation

With access to a cloud-based work environment, employees can access the latest technology and automate repetitive tasks. Convenient access to data and each other can boost team productivity and creativity.

How we can help

Modern Workplace professional services

Convverge offers comprehensive professional services to maximize the potential of the Modern Workplace, empowering teams to collaborate effectively and drive productivity.

Modern Workplace Deployments

We specialize in implementing and configuring Microsoft 365 solutions, including Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive. Our team works closely with organizations to design and deploy customized Modern Workplace environments tailored to their unique requirements, fostering seamless communication and collaboration.


Convverge specializes in developing and optimizing SharePoint-based intranet solutions to serve as the central hub for organizational communication, collaboration, and information sharing. Our team customizes SharePoint sites to align with organizational objectives, creating intuitive and user-friendly intranet experiences that enhance employee engagement and productivity.

Communication & Collaboration

Convverge provides comprehensive solutions for communication and collaboration, leveraging Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and other Microsoft 365 tools. We help organizations streamline communication channels, facilitate virtual meetings and collaboration, and optimize email management to promote efficient teamwork and information sharing across the Modern Workplace.

Unified Endpoint Management

Convverge offers Unified Endpoint Management solutions to centralize and streamline the management of devices across the organization. Leveraging Microsoft Endpoint Manager, we assist in managing device configurations, deploying applications, enforcing security policies, and monitoring compliance, ensuring a secure and productive endpoint environment for all users.


Security is paramount in the Modern Workplace, and Convverge provides comprehensive security solutions to protect organizations’ data, devices, and identities. Our team offers expertise in implementing and managing Microsoft security technologies such as Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, and Azure Information Protection. We help organizations strengthen their security posture, detect and respond to threats effectively, and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Employee Experience & Well-being

Convverge recognizes the importance of prioritizing employee experience and well-being in the Modern Workplace. With Microsoft Viva, we offer solutions to enhance employee engagement, productivity, and well-being. Our services include implementing Viva Connections to centralize employee resources and communications, Viva Insights to promote work-life balance and productivity insights, Viva Learning to facilitate continuous learning and skill development, and Viva Topics to capture and organize knowledge within the organization.

Modern Workplace FAQs

What is Microsoft Modern Workplace, and why is it important for businesses?

Microsoft Modern Workplace is a comprehensive approach to work that leverages Microsoft 365 to create a flexible, collaborative, and secure work environment. It’s important for businesses to adapt to the digital age and remain competitive.

How can Modern Workplace improve collaboration among remote and dispersed teams?

Modern Workplace provides tools like Microsoft Teams that enable real-time communication, file sharing, and project collaboration, bridging geographical gaps.

Is Modern Workplace secure, and how does it protect sensitive business data?

Modern Workplace prioritizes security with features like data encryption, threat protection, and compliance management to keep business data safe.

Can employees work from anywhere with Modern Workplace?

Yes, Modern Workplace offers flexibility and mobility, allowing employees to work from the office, home, or on the go using cloud-based solutions.

What role does user training play in the success of Modern Workplace adoption?

User training is crucial to ensure employees can effectively use Modern Workplace tools and maximize productivity.

How does Modern Workplace contribute to business innovation and productivity?

Modern Workplace provides access to the latest technology, automates tasks, and enables employees to focus on strategic initiatives, driving innovation and productivity.

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