Case Study

Charting a Sustainable Future: Convverge’s ESG Solution for Mining

Business Objectives

The project’s primary goals were to enhance the company’s ESG performance tracking and reporting capabilities, ensuring they met industry standards and improved overall sustainability efforts.

  • Develop Comprehensive ESG Data Collection: Facilitate consistent and efficient data collection across various indicators.
  • Enhance Data Analysis and Reporting: Provide real-time insights and ensure compliance with ESG reporting frameworks.
  • Ensure Data Accuracy and Integrity: Validate, reconcile, and audit data to maintain high standards of accuracy.


The company faced the daunting task of collecting and analyzing data on various ESG indicators such as greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption, water usage, waste management, health and safety, community engagement, and governance practices. They needed to generate reports that complied with ESG reporting frameworks like the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), and the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). Ensuring the accuracy and integrity of this data was critical, requiring validation of data sources, data reconciliation, and thorough auditing.

  • Collecting ESG Data: Gathering information on greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption, water usage, and more.
  • Analyzing and Reporting: Generating compliant reports for various ESG frameworks.
  • Ensuring Data Integrity: Validating, reconciling, and auditing data for accuracy.


Convverge developed a comprehensive suite of solutions to address these challenges. They created an ESG Power App that allowed employees, even those in remote locations, to collect ESG performance data consistently and efficiently. This user-friendly app enabled data entry, review, approval, and feedback on data quality. Alongside the Power App, Convverge developed Power BI Dashboards to visualize the collected data in real-time, providing insights into areas of strength and improvement through various KPIs.

  • ESG Power App: A user-friendly app for consistent and efficient data collection across the organization.
  • Power BI Dashboards: Real-time visualization of ESG performance data, highlighting key metrics and areas for improvement.
  • System Integration: Seamless integration with existing environmental, health and safety, and corporate governance systems.
  • Training and Support: Comprehensive training and ongoing support for effective use and maintenance of the solutions.

Success KPIs

The success of the ESG solution implementation was measured through several key performance indicators (KPIs) that demonstrated the significant impact and effectiveness of the transformation:

  • Improved ESG Reporting: Centralized and standardized data collection and reporting, enhancing transparency and compliance.
  • Enhanced Data Insights: Efficient data analysis and real-time visualization, providing valuable insights into ESG performance.
  • Increased Stakeholder Engagement: Improved communication of ESG performance to investors, customers, and communities, demonstrating a commitment to responsible mining practices.

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