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Which Collaboration Tool is Right For Me? Where Should a File Go?

Article Updated: April 2022

Working remotely used to be a welcome option if you were looking at getting extra work done in the evenings or over the weekend, but I don’t think any of us ever expected that working out of the office was going to be a pivotal part of our future workplace. As a result of new hybrid and flexible office setups, our business needs are different today than a couple years ago. Employees now require remote working and collaboration tools that allow them to stay organized, share documents, hold online meetings and have conversations all in one place, regardless of whether they are at home, in the office, or travelling. In order to make decisions and collaborate with one another – from anywhere – suitable team collaboration tools are critical to sharing content and easily working together.

Is SharePoint, Teams, or OneDrive Best for Me?

Microsoft’s has several cloud-based, remote working tools which were specifically designed and developed to support employees in this new environment. SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive are packed full of functionality to allow your staff to collaborate and be productive that is less reliant on emailing everything. Each remote working tool has a measure of document management, collaboration and productivity built in, but what tool is right for you? Are all three necessary?

Thru the pandemic, the Convverge team was often advising and consulting with our clients on how to select the right collaboration technology for their business.  A handy infographic was created to help simplify your choice and assist in the picking the right tool for the job.

Infographic | Where Should a File Go: SharePoint, Teams, or OneDrive?

Infographic | PDF Version: Where Does A File Go?

Infographic - SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams - Consulting Services, Experts

SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive deliver chat, meeting, calling, and collaboration, no matter where your team is working. Discover the power and value of Microsoft’s collaboration tools and begin realizing the productivity and efficiency benefits you stand to gain!

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Navigating your employees into the new era of a hybrid workplace means ensuring your remote working tools are secure and designed for the long haul to easily access documents, systems, and unify your team with effective communication channels.  Our consulting services and expertise in Microsoft’s Modern Workplace Solutions will help guide you through the power of cloud services and understanding around how integrating a powerful suite of Microsoft 365 technologies and productivity applications is a game changer. With Modern Workplace Solutions, your teams will be more productive, collaborative, and unified – regardless of where they are located.

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