Modernizing businesses across North America with Microsoft solutions.

Convverge is a Microsoft Gold Partner that helps companies digitally streamline operations by leveraging technology. We bring people and technology together to help improve productivity, scalability, and insights so you make better decisions, faster.

Our Specialties

Today a significant part of an organization’s investment in the future is technology. At Convverge, technology is our passion and Microsoft is what we do. It’s a fast moving area and a fulltime effort to stay on top of what’s new and which technologies can digitally optimize business efforts. Partnering with the right business IT consultant is a strategic move that will serve up big gains to your business. Harnessing the knowledge of a Microsoft expert ensures digitally ambitious companies realize the full value of a tech transformation project.

As a certified Microsoft consulting partner, it’s a beautiful thing when Convverge matches intelligent Microsoft solutions with complex business problems. Tapping into all the capabilities of Microsoft solutions helps organizations drive change, transform, and unleash their full potential.

Our specialized team is made up of top-talent project managers, business analysts, solution architects, developers, trainers and support staff that offer end-to-end strategic and technical consultancy services.

Our specialties include:

Convverge Laptop - Microsoft Consulting Partner, Digital Strategy, BPA, Data Modernization, Business Analytics, Modern Workplace, Cloud Solutions Provider
Convverge Specialties - Microsoft Consulting Partner, Digital Strategy, BPA, Data Modernization, Business Analytics, Modern Workplace, Cloud Solutions Provider

    When it comes to digital strategy, your best success happens when Convverge truly understands your business – vision, challenges, drivers, users, and goals. With that in mind, we develop a full strategy and technology roadmap that takes into account all elements of your tech and user environments, alongside business needs, and goals. The idea is to properly create an action plan that delivers true value for the big ideas of the business. We know that digital optimization is much more than just the technology.

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    When it comes to tackling your biggest roadblocks or bottlenecks in the business, Microsoft is the way to go. Using intelligent, integrated capabilities within its various platforms means slow, manual, and highly repetitive tasks and processes can be streamlined and automated. We work with you to understand and identify technology opportunities. Our aim is to equip you with the tools and design a process that meets your unique needs and improves the work experience and output from your teams.

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    Compete on a whole new level.  Enable your business with a modern framework for data inputs, storage, and visual reporting. Navigating you through the foundational design and structure is one of our team’s strengths. We advise on Microsoft solutions that will work for you to predict outcomes, inform decisions, and find new business opportunities. We are your Microsoft consulting partner that works alongside your team to leverage technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and more to help transform your business.

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    With the right data foundation, your organization will unlock incredible business intelligence that is a catalyst for better decision making. Our professional IT consulting services show you how integrating dashboards and visual reporting tools using a range of Microsoft solutions, such as Power BI, SharePoint, and Teams. These tools work to decentralize reporting and empower your broader team to quickly respond to needs and make better decisions for the business.

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    Times have changed. Today your employees want flexibility in choosing where and when to work. This evolution of the physical and digital workplace means the need for secure remote working tools. These tools were intentionally created to easily access documents, systems, and intuitively work together from all devices. Our expertise in this area enables you to harness the power of cloud services and integrate a suite of Microsoft 365 technologies and productivity applications (e.g. Teams, SharePoint). With Modern Workplace Solutions, your teams will be more productive, collaborative, and unified – regardless of where they are located.

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    Getting the most from technology for business optimization is highly dependent on the right infrastructure. Integrating the power of cloud services into your organization makes storing, processing, analytics, and securing large amounts of data more feasible compared to traditional IT setups. Tapping into Convverge’s technical Microsoft consulting services provides the extra lift you need to prepare and get you working smarter. This enables your organization to maximize digital optimization opportunities to move faster, achieve more, and save money.

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