Modernize your on-premise infrastructure with SharePoint Server 2016, improving performance, reliability, and scale while providing a foundation for innovation.

Flexible Deployments

SharePoint’s cloud-inspired infrastructure supports the need for your business to be agile, based on your own unique needs.

Modern User Experiences

You need to make decisions quickly, and stay in contact with those who need to act on the information. SharePoint offers a people-centric approach to document storage and collaboration across a variety of devices, enabling an effective workplace.


SharePoint offers a variety of features that ensure that your sensitive information remains in the right hands, at the right time.


Let’s work together to define the right strategy and plan for your SharePoint implementation.

Is it time to upgrade your SharePoint environment? There’s value in moving to the latest version.

Why should I upgrade?

Stay current and leverage new features. Having your platform supported by Microsoft is assurance to you and your organization. Reduce operating and licensing costs when moving to SharePoint 2013 and beyond. There are significant licensing gains, specifically involving external connectors and Enterprise Search opportunities. The platform is considerably easier to operate and requires far fewer maintenance hours than legacy versions.

Increase user adoption and productivity

Prior versions of SharePoint were challenging to customize and offered little in the way of user experience. Combined with a lack of vendor experience, many of these installations resulted in dumping grounds for documents and lists, steep learning curves and user complaints. New versions are easily customizable, employing modern UX standards and find wide acceptance in the technology industry.

Make your solutions mobile-accessible

Office 365 and SharePoint 2016 are fully mobile accessible. Apps will look great on your phone, tablet, PC’s and ultra-wide screens. Users will be able to make full use of the platform, regardless of where or how they are accessing it.

Take advantage of Cloud and Hybrid-Cloud

Reduce your operating costs by moving your entire installation, or only the parts that you are comfortable with into Azure or Office 365. Convverge will work with you to create a cloud strategy that is effective, secure and budget friendly.