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Making Artificial Intelligence Real for Business

Worldwide revenues for the Artifical Intelligence (AI) market – including software, hardware, and services – are forecasted to grow 16.4% year-over-year in 2021.  Within that,  AI software platforms are forecasted to be the strongest market to grow with a five-year growth rate of 32.7%.

Needless to stay, the writing is on the wall and organizations need to find ways to instill artificial intelligence into their operations. But this is easier said than done, especially for product-based organizations. Creating and building efficient models of AI is an immense challenge with many businesses struggling to find the talent and the capacity to create and manage their machine learning models to unlock the insights within their data. On top of that, competition is fierce, and time is money… businesses need to move quickly.

Back Up | What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Simply put, artificial intelligence is the broad concept of computers using data to to carry out ‘smart’ tasks,  enable problem solving, and unlock productivity.  AI is a common part of our lives – it completes words as we type, offers driving directions, and recommends what to watch next.  Leveraging AI technology in business means important work gets done faster with consistent success.  So how do we make AI real for business optimization?  This is where Azure Machine Learning service is a great option for Microsoft-based businesses to look into.

Hold On | What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is a subset of artificial intelligence. It is a term sometimes used interchangeably with AI (which can be a tad confusing). But, Machine Learning is exactly what it is termed to be, learning by machines from data that isn’t programmed explicitly. Essentially, its a little more hands-off and gives machines data access so they can learn on their own.  This is where Microsoft Azure Machine Learning comes in and can be leveraged technology to do the work in your business.

What is Microsoft’s Azure Machine Learning?

Microsoft’s Azure Machine Learning is a cloud-based service model that gives organizations the ease to integrate data analytics solutions with AI capabilities. At its core, Machine Learning allows computers to use existing data to forecast behaviors, outcomes and trends. With Machine Learning employed in the business, Azure removes the barriers to intelligent applications in these three ways:

  1. Cost – As the eruption of big data advances, the cost of tools, talent, and infrastructure increases. Azure Machine Learning is cost-effective and leverages the cloud to give you power and capacity when you need it. Pay only for the computation used and the AI/ML models managed and deployed.
  2. Explosion of models – Organizations continue to struggle to manage and analyze their data and are now struggling to manage their models. Azure Machine Learning allows you to know which of your models to put into production and which perform best, allowing data-driven management of your code and training data to help you manage your inventory of models intelligently.
  3. Increased AI Insights – The short supply of data scientists has compelled developers to integrate AI into their applications to meet the global demand. Azure Machine Learning lets data science and AI development teams collaborate to boost productivity.

Where to Start with Artificial Intelligence + Machine Learning?

Creating a bridge between data science and business values can be complex, but that’s where Convverge can help. Our experienced consultancy team can help you uncover what is possible with machine learning within your business.  We are a certified Microsoft Consulting Partner and we love to match intelligent Microsoft solutions with complex business problems to help companies drive change, digitally transform, and realize their full potential.  Contact us today – we would love to help.

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