Power BI

Visual Reports and Interactive Business Dashboards

Up until now, you have navigated your business with limited access to your operations data when making important decisions. But you can’t keep going that way. Today (and tomorrow) is about being digital. Making sense of your data from anywhere, anytime is key. One answer is Power BI from Microsoft. Power Bi is a dashboard and interactive reporting tool, which allows you to quickly and easily transform your data into meaningful insights so you can improve decision making and score better business results.

But where do you start? How do you adopt Power BI into your business? How do you customize it for maximum benefit and value?  That’s where we help. Our team of Power BI consultants, support you in a variety of ways from building a data strategy, to adopting or customizing Power BI just for your needs.

Embed Business Intelligence Into Your Operations

Integrate various data sources. Build interactive dashboards – see what’s really going on – empower everyone to take action.

Discover New Insights. Uncover New Opportunities.

Adopt and evolve new data sets quickly to uncover hidden insights and drive your business forward.

Confidently Tackle Your Business Intelligence Strategy

Access expert Power BI consulting services to help you strategize, build, implement, and maintain.

Laptop image showing business dashboards built by Power BI consultants at Convverge who offers business intelligence consulting services


Microsoft Power BI Logo to show Convverge offers business intelligence consulting services and has Power BI consultants to build business dashboards

Increase Visibility. Improve Decision Making.  Get Better Business Results.

Client Spotlight

Our client, Calgary Stampede, who hosts, educates and entertains hundreds of thousands visitors from around the world every year, requested that our Power BI consultants help with leveraging insights from their visitor attendance data. Power BI was a natural fit for our client and helped everyone engage with the data. Now ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ is on top of attendance by using real-time visual reports and making decisions as guests come and go from the park.

Laptop image showing Business dashboards built for Calgary Stampede by Power BI consultants at Convverge who offers business intelligence consulting services