Power BI

Make sense of your data through interactive, real-time dashboards and unlock the actionable insights needed to drive your business forward. With its proven track record in enterprise platforms, Microsoft has emerged as a leader in the analytics market with Power BI. This dashboard and interactive report authoring tool allows organizations to quickly and easily transform their data into meaningful insights.

Embed Intelligence Into Your Apps

Build visuals in minutes so you can see what’s really going on and empower everyone to take action.

Uncover New Opportunities

Adopt and evolve new data sets quickly to uncover hidden insights and drive your business forward.

Make Sense of Your Data and Discover New Insights

Provide insights within your app to streamline decision making for users across the business.

  • Mobile App
  • Power BI Gateway
  • Power BI Desktop
  • Online Services

Power BI, Microsoft

Deploying an analytical system delivers increased visibility, better decision making, and ultimately greater profits.

Client Spotlight

Our client, Calgary Stampede, who hosts, educates and entertains hundreds of thousands visitors from around the world every year, requested our help in leveraging insights from their gates data. Power BI was a natural fit for our client and helped everyone engage with the data.

Stampede Power BI Screenshot