ROI of Microsoft Azure Infrastructure

As companies rush to join the cloud revolution, it has become vital for them to replace older practices with more comprehensive solutions. In this context, cloud computing is proving to be an asset that not just individual organizations, but entire industries can use to drive innovation and efficiency.

Hand in hand with digital transformation, cloud technology has seen outstanding growth. Verticals such as manufacturing, railways, banking, retail, education, and healthcare are switching to cloud services to optimize their reach and performance and increase their flexibility. But moving to the cloud is a strategic move, and it requires organizations to make careful internal analysis in choosing the features that will allow them to get the most out of their cloud migration.

There are multiple possibilities when it comes to strategies for migrating to Microsoft Azure. It may be that organizations choose to rehost their apps by lifting and shifting them to Azure. Or may choose to rearchitect them and add new capabilities – or, maybe the decision is made to rebuild them from scratch.

Are you curious about the ROI of Microsoft Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)? Consider this report that illustrates Forrester’s conclusions after six customer interviews and data aggregation for a five-year financial impact. In short, businesses experienced reduced data center and outsourcing costs, website scale and performance improvements, and ease of experimentation through virtualized environments.

Are you an organization looking for transformation and a clear path to cloud innovation? Do you want to learn more about the potential ROI that could be realized by shifting some or all your management and operations to Azure? Let our experts lead you with selecting the right cloud services to suit your business objectives.

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