Graphic depicting Cloud datacenter. Convverge is a cloud services provider

Infographic: Inside a Microsoft Azure Datacenter

In a recent article, we covered the benefits of cloud solutions for businesses. In it, we defined the cloud as over the internet offerings for computing services, such as servers, networking, databases, storage, software, intelligence, and analytics. It makes sense in theory, but what does a datacenter physically look like? And is it secure?

This infographic from Microsoft aims to demystify the cloud and show how they deliver physical and digital security, reliability, sustainable operations, and innovation.

Better Understand The Cloud | Datacenter Infographic

Graphic showing Azure Datacenter for those researching MS Azure Consulting Services with Convverge

Convverge | Cloud Solution Providers

Convverge is a cloud solutions provider that zeroes in on Microsoft solutions. Our team is proud to be a Microsoft Gold Partner. We offer several specialties including cloud consulting services and migration support. Our team of cloud consultants are experts in Microsoft solutions for business. Every day we help people navigate all the options and ensure they are configured correctly, migrating with little disruptions, and ensuring our clients are heading in the best direction for a digital-first future.  Interested in how we could help you?  Let’s connect.

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