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5 Things To Know About SharePoint

How do you view Microsoft SharePoint? Is it just a document storage system?  A communication channel? A vehicle for business process automation? The correct answer is “yes” for all of these items. Today’s online version is a robust, mobile-friendly system that is a foundational layer for digital business transformation.  As SharePoint consultants, we get the unique opportunity to peek inside a lot of organizations and see how they are using this multi-dimensional system. What we often discover is many of its capabilities are underutilized or unknown.

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is Microsoft’s system for a business’ intranet, which is a private or internal network that enhances company culture with collaboration, communication, content management, and the ability to quickly find information and perform a host of other things within your organization’s tech eco-system.

Top 5 Things You Should Know About SharePoint Online

  1. SharePoint Goes Beyond Just A Document Storage System
    While SharePoint’s roots started as a centralized document repository for a company, the reality is its capabilities extend way beyond that. When integrated with Microsoft 365, the Power Platform, Azure services or other existing 3rd party systems like CRM, Sales, and ERP platforms – SharePoint can be become a nerve center for productivity, insights, and scalability.
  2. SharePoint is Mobile
    Older on-prem versions of SharePoint were a frustrating mobile experience. With the cloud-based version, it comes equipped with an app for mobile devices. It is as simple as downloading the SharePoint app from your favorite app store and entering your login details. From there, you are off to the races when it comes to empowering teamwork and finding information when on-the-go.
  3. SharePoint is a Great Tool for Process Automation
    By collecting and storing data items in SharePoint, the opportunities begin to open for up automatic workflows and reporting. Whether its alerts or email notifications, or more complex workflows or approval processes, by properly configuring SharePoint and integrating with other Microsoft tools, like Power Automate…the opportunities for efficiencies really begin to open up and the system really shines.
  4. There’s an App for That…and SharePoint Can Help
    The Power Platform is game changing toolset and Power Apps puts app development into the hands of citizen developers within organizations. This means custom apps can be built to solve unique challenges within the business. Just remember Power Apps is one thing and knowing where the data you capture goes, and is actioned, is another thing… SharePoint is one of the options here.
  5. SharePoint and Teams are Closely Related
    For many businesses Teams was launched overnight to simplify communication when everyone was working from home. Adoption was quick and new Teams channels sprung up as a result for collaboration and communication. What some companies didn’t realize with Teams is that SharePoint is working behind the scenes. For every Teams channel that is spun up, there is also a SharePoint site. If you’re working with Teams but aren’t sure about SharePoint, it is there whether you realize it or not. Therefore, a wholistic understanding of both is key to knowing where your documents and data are, not to mention the value of being clear with user permissions and security settings for both.

A SharePoint Consultant is Often a Big Help

It’s true. What this system will do for a business is a bit mind boggling.  For those that digitally strategize and harness its power, SharePoint is a nerve center and offers a lot in terms of functionality and efficiency.  Another challenge we see many companies facing is their internal technical expertise is more generally IT focussed. When it comes to SharePoint, your team likely knows the tool but with everything else they are juggling they haven’t had the time notice its evolution and added capabilities over the years. This is where Convverge helps. We’re Microsoft experts and SharePoint consultants. We’re the added horsepower you can inject into your team to make sense of your Microsoft technology and translate how it will all work for your business.  If our SharePoint consulting services might be of help to you, please contact us.

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