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10 Reasons Why You Should be Using Power BI

Today’s organizations are inundated with data. Power BI solves the overload.

Power BI is an essential tool for businesses looking to bridge the gap between data and decision making. Having accurate, real-time access to data allows businesses to break down data silos, and enable a highly visual and collaborative experience. With Power BI, you can take your data visualizations to the next level and empower everyone to quickly make data-driven decisions. Easily work together, collaborate on reports, and share insights across popular applications.

This data can include anything from customer transactions to streaming data from IoT devices to increasingly massive volumes of web and social data. And the amount of data is only growing—between 2018 and 2025, data volume is expected to grow 61 percent annually. Turning this large volume of raw data into true data insights is essential for better decision making, as data-driven strategies are empowering companies to successfully address emerging
trends and challenges.

Power BI empowers your teams with industry-leading business intelligence (BI) and augmented analytics so that you can simplify decision making in a world of increased complexity and growing data volume.

The top 10 reasons why you should be using Power BI

1. Provide all your users with relevant insight using intuitive and familiar tools:

Deliver insights to your teams regardless of where they work and collaborate. Integrate with all your Microsoft Office 365 applications, including Microsoft Teams and Excel, for increased productivity and collaboration through all user tools and applications.

2. Connect to data anywhere to gain complete visibility and enable decision making:

Drive a data culture by maintaining complete access to your data no matter where it lives through either a pre-built connector from our library or a custom connector.

3. Work faster and spend less using Power BI + Azure

Combine the power of Power BI and Azure to quickly create interactive data visualizations

4. Go from insight to action with Microsoft Power Platform

Collecting and compiling data into actionable insights can quickly become a big undertaking, leaving organizations with outstanding questions on how to best leverage and optimize collected data.

5. Keep data secure and extend governance across your entire data framework

Extend protection and governance policies across your data with Power BI for a lasting and secure data framework. Microsoft’s trusted security investments ensure critical governance and provide a security architecture that monitors and mitigates threats.

6. Find answers faster with the industry-leading intelligence of Microsoft AI and machine learning

With numerous ways to approach data insights, determining the best approach to building useful reports and dashboards can become overwhelming. Power BI makes it easy to connect, prepare, and model data with automated insights helping you explore data sets in new and intuitive ways.

7. Make decisions on the go with Power BI Mobile

Connect to insights anywhere in the world no matter what device you’re on with options like Power BI mobile or embedding via APIs.

8. Lean on cloud maturity with one of the largest fastest-growing BI clouds

Connect directly to hundreds of on-premises and cloud data sources for easier report sharing and collaboration. Power BI is a native cloud multi-tenant, multi-app SaaS service with all tenants hosted on a single instance.

9. Innovation through user feedback for weekly and monthly updates to Power BI

The more than half a million Microsoft Power BI Community members provide consistent discussion, input, and feedback between business intelligence experts and peers.

10. Create a data-driven culture and experience high ROI

Providing clear, secure access to data insights for all your users is not only easy with Power BI, it’s affordable. According to the Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study, Power BI comes at a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and a 366% ROI.

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