Bringing people and technology together in a remarkable way.

As a technology partner, its our job to stay on top of new tech. We help teams navigate a vast landscape of options + tap into remarkable software solutions. By leveraging technology, you unlock productivity, scalability + business intelligence to optimize business.

Our Approach

We commit daily to developing solutions that optimize business and are easy to use. Our solutions must make the lives of our clients better, they must bring data right to their fingertips, and they must offer business insights that help make better decisions. We use the latest Microsoft technologies, as well as others, to solve complex business problems, and help organizations run more efficiently.

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” — Henry Ford

This is the foundation for Convverge’s solution delivery methodology.

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We follow an agile process with some key extras that will make your experience with us better than ever.

Engagement Model Diagram
Engagement Model Diagram
  1. 1 Invvestigate

    Let’s go for coffee. A member of our Convverge Team is always game to step out for a hot beverage on the CEO’s dime and some shop talk. We’ll ask lots of questions: What are you up to? What kind of technology do you currently use? What digital business optimization objectives do you have? Can we help?

  2. 2 Discovver

    After we’ve heard from you about your business goals, we’ll meet at your office. We’ll come with a Pitch Presentation to show you who we are, review some case studies and tell client success stories highlighting solution designs. We’ll highlight key service areas and expertise and determine where we’re a fit.


  3. 3 Activvate

    Now that we’re getting more serious, we’ll draft our first formal agreement together. We’ll present you with our Master Services Agreement (MSA) and a Statement of Work (SOW) that clearly identifies our success criteria.

    Microsoft solutions partner

  4. 4 Delivver

    We’re moving into Microsoft solution definition and delivery. We’ll gather your requirements, draft high-level architecture, tease you with UX and design, and reveal a build estimate and schedule.


  5. 5 Achievve

    You’re ready to receive and begin using your new solution! We’ll be on-hand to provide help through usage analysis and ongoing maintenance and support to ensure your tech transformation investment continuously optimizes your business.


  6. 6 Envvision

    Now that you’ve begun to realize the benefits, we will work with you and your stakeholders to develop a digital strategy and technology roadmap to guide your future decision making.