Health & Safety Portal Desktop

Health & Safety Portals

Keep everyone connected, for safety’s sake.

Health and Safety Portals reduce risk and substantially lower your liability.

Accessible through any device, the submission of incidents, near misses and releases is made easy with our solutions deployed to Microsoft SharePoint and Power BI. Improve the visibility of your health and safety data by converging this critical information and bringing it right to your fingertips, allowing for timely decision making.

Client Spotlight

Bankers Petroleum, Calgary-based international Oil and Gas producer, requested our help in implementing an intranet for their global use. Office 365 was a natural fit for all their needs. Making critical health and safety information easily accessible was our number one challenge.

Bankers Petroleum Intranet Screenshot

Pistachio Standard Features

Developed by our team of business analysts and designers through years of client engagement, Pistachio is pre-built, configurable software deployed to SharePoint, Power BI, and Office 365. It deploys quickly and easily, either on-premise or in the cloud, reducing costs and delivering you immediate results. Amazing.

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Health and Safety Portal Model VI

Health and Safety Portal Model VI Layout on Laptop

VI Model Features


  • Homepage Dashboard
  • Modern Navigation
  • Health and Safety KPIs
  • News Alerts
  • Quick Links


  • Incidents
  • Near Misses
  • Releases


  • Dashboard
  • Team Reports
  • Board Reports

SharePoint and Power BI are powerful platforms that go beyond document management, collaboration and interactive reporting. With the right expertise, they are capable of solving numerous business challenges by quickly delivering fit-for-purpose solutions.

Out of Box Sharepoint Layout
Stock SharePoint Online compared with a customer branded SharePoint online solution.

Custom SharePoint Layout for Bankers Petroleum