Citizen Development

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Looking to stay ahead of the curve in the competitive world of business? Citizen development may be the solution you've been searching for. With the ability to empower non-technical users to create custom applications and automate processes, this innovative approach can streamline operations and drive digital transformation.

Companies that can adapt quickly to changing market conditions and customer needs are more likely to succeed. It empowers non-technical business users to create custom applications and automate processes, without the need for IT support.

Imagine being able to take your organization's digital transformation into your own hands.


Convverge provides the perfect environment for citizen development to thrive. Our low-code, no-code solutions enable businesses to create applications and automate processes faster than traditional IT development. With our supoort and oversight, business users can create custom applications and automate processes in a matter of hours, not days or weeks. This can help organizations be more agile and responsive to changing business requirements. Free up your IT resources to focus on more complex tasks, and boost your productivity.

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Citizen Development


Passionate individuals who are driven to make a positive change through technology are the fuel that drives citizen development. Their dedication, innovation, and commitment to creating solutions that address real-world problems is what enables citizen development to thrive.

With their passion and expertise, these individuals are breaking down barriers and democratizing the development process, making it accessible to everyone. By empowering others to build custom applications and automate processes, they are creating a world where innovation and problem-solving are no longer limited to a select few.


Finding the right balance between rigidity and flexibility is key for successful citizen development. Too much rigidity can quash innovation, while too much flexibility can lead to inconsistencies and quality issues. Establishing a baseline of proper governance is critical. 

That's where Convverge comes in, providing a structured approach to development that follows best practices. With our help, you can reduce technical debt and ensure proper maintenance and testing. Plus, we promote standardization and governance to eliminate shadow IT. Get the best of both worlds with Convverge.


Convverge helps you choose the best solutions for your organization based on size, technical expertise, and specific needs. Power Apps provides a user-friendly interface with data connectors, workflows, and AI Builder. Power Automate builds automated workflows that integrate with various apps and services. Power BI creates interactive data visualizations and reports. Teams enables real-time collaboration and integration with other apps and services. Combined with Convverge's expertise you can easily integrate new solutions into your business.

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Good Governance is Critical

When it comes to citizen development, good governance practices are absolutely critical for success. This is because citizen development depends heavily on business users who are tasked with creating applications and automating processes using low-code or no-code platforms. Without proper oversight and governance, these users may inadvertently create solutions that are not compliant with data security or privacy regulations, potentially exposing organizations to legal and financial risks.

Build a foundation of good governance


Ensure applications conform to the established governance model and adhere to conditions.


Establishing development, testing and production environments for the appropriate life cycle of applications.


Establish security groups and protect against data loss and exposure of sensitive business data.


Providing guidance that the right licensing models are chosen for balance of features and cost effectiveness.


Once implemented, effective monitoring is key to ensuring you stay out of the woods. Tools like Microsoft CoE are beneficial for this.

Citizen development offers businesses many advantages, but without good governance, issues can and will arise. Poor data quality, technical debt, and shadow IT can sink processes and decision-making. Avoid this with robust governance, clear policies, and support/training for citizen developers. Compliance is key. Ensure that you can benefit from citizen development while minimizing risks.

Governance & Fusion Development

Enabling Citizen Development

To enable citizen development while ensuring proper governance and oversight, IT professionals can take the following steps:

      1. Establish clear guidelines and policies: Define the types of projects that are appropriate for citizen development, establish clear standards for data quality, security, and compliance, and specify the roles and responsibilities of citizen developers.
      2. Provide training and support: Offer training and resources to citizen developers to ensure they have the necessary skills and knowledge to develop high-quality applications.
      3. Encourage collaboration: Foster collaboration between citizen developers and professional developers to ensure that applications meet organizational standards and requirements.
      4. Implement tools and technologies: Provide citizen developers with access to tools and technologies that enable them to build applications while adhering to organizational policies and standards.
      5. Monitor and evaluate: Monitor citizen-developed applications to ensure they meet organizational standards and requirements, and evaluate their impact on productivity and innovation.

Governance is critical for the effective use of Power Platform. It can help organizations manage the platform securely, consistently, and cost-effectively. It can also help organizations in achieving a higher user adoption rate, increasing efficiency, and enhancing the overall performance of the platform. By following the best practices mentioned in this guide, business leaders can establish a comprehensive governance strategy that maximizes the benefits of Power Platform.

Ready to leverage the benefits of citizen development while minimizing potential risks and challenges for your organization? Convverge can help! Our expert team can provide the guidance and support you need. Don't let the potential pitfalls of citizen development hold you back.

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