Intranets & Customer Portals


Intranets are Convverge’s bread and butter and we’ve been building them a long time.
There are many benefits to a Convverge intranet solution. Not only are you getting access to a talented team of experts who are well versed in delivering collaboration solutions on SharePoint, but as a full-service consultancy we have the capability and expertise to work with you from the inception of your project until long after its implementation.

Customer Portals

With Convverge’s help, we will enable self-service functions, access to customer information and automate as many support functions as you can think of. Additionally with integrations to systems such as SAP or Microsoft Dynamics we will bring information directly to your customers. A portal will allow you to: Right Arrow

  • Get Closer to Key Stakeholders
  • Increase Efficiencies
  • Build New Revenue Opportunities

Did you know that extending your company’s web presence with a fully mobile customer portal can dramatically reduce your operation and support costs?

Creating improved processes and information flows between your organization and its partners benefits all and can dramatically reduce your costs. From customer reordering, to project management with suppliers, to logistics and document exchange, taking manual processes out improves accuracy, timeliness, collaboration and when done correctly, customer service.

See Intranets in Action

We’ll work with you to leverage technologies such as Microsoft SharePoint, Power BI, Power Apps and Power Automate. Let’s get you up and running faster, deployed with beautiful design.

Portals, Intranet, Microsoft, SharePoint, Power Platform
Intranet, Microsoft SharePoint, Power BI
Microsoft SharePoint, Power BI