Struggling? Digital transformation can help.

October 27, 2020

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Making Sense of Digital Transformation

Date: December 8, 2020
Time: 10am MST / 12pm EST

    Struggling? Digital transformation can help:

  • Find out what digital transformation is and why it matters
  • Understand the steps required to begin and succeed
  • How to develop, deploy, and use the right technology
  • Discover how to increase your organization's productivity

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Eric Veenendaal

Eric Veenendaal

Founder and CEO of Convverge, Inc.

Eric Veenendaal is the founder and CEO of Convverge, a technology partner to organizations across North America that is leading the industry towards making digital transformation accessible for everyday businesses.

Convverge addresses the challenges of bringing together people, processes, and information resulting in seamless digital implementations that deliver business results.

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“Improving business processes and developing new capabilities is a challenging undertaking for any organization. The Convverge team have consistently provided valuable guidance.”

Robert Walker
Ferus NGF
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“Their ability to deliver a solution based on our vision and their technical epertise is exceptional. Convverge "gets it" whether it's technical functionality or high-level strategy."

Stewart Moffatt
Pursuit Collection
Here's What You're In For

3 operational competencies businesses need

Learn where to focus your efforts to prepare your business to compete in the future.

digital transformation to compete in the future

How digital transformation benefits your business

Digitize your workflow and automate your processes to increase productivity.

digital transformation benefits

Make remote work more productive

Access files and work from anywhere, anytime and replace manual processes with digital.

data analysis

A framework that supports your digital transformation

Explore the service pillars and steps required that make it easier to optimize your business.

digital transformation framework
Q & A

Digital transformation is the process of preparing your business to compete in the future.

Businesses that accelerate their digital transformation today can match pace with ever-changing industries and markets. You’ll make your people more productive, and ongoing reporting and insights across your business will allow faster, better decision making.

It’s a continuous process that you can undertake while you operate your business — not a time-intensive event that will disrupt your business.

Yes — if you are a business leader interested in preparing your business for the future, or if you feel that your business is falling behind technologically.

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