Upgrade On-Premise SharePoint

An Alberta crown corporation sought out Convverge’s assistance to modernize its SharePoint Intranet.

The Challenge

An Alberta crown corporation burdened with an out-of-date, unsupported platform, putting them at risk for losing critical business functions and data. With an unsupported platform and a user experience with room for improvement, our client also faced the following challenges:

  • An unsupported version of SharePoint meant looming risk of downtime and data loss
  • A dated and non-intuitive user experience did not attract and retain users
  • An older version of SharePoint did not support modern and emerging features

The Solution

Working together with the Alberta crown corporation, Convverge was able to apply our user driven approach to technology to deliver a modern experience.

Convverge provided our client with the following technical services and solutions:

  • A modern fully supported platform where data and user features could be easily accessed
  • Fully migrated data using modern techniques, tools, and best practices
  • An updated user interface and user experience that enticed users to engage with the system
  • New intranet features that added value for end users
  • The look and feel of a custom and uniquely branded application without the addition of custom code by leveraging SharePoint’s native functionality

The Outcome

Our client received a modern web platform that looked and felt great to use. It has positioned them to take advantage of new modern features and functionality. Finally, there is no longer the worry for unexpected system downtime.

We believe the best solutions and user experiences should be simple and engaging, and that’s what was delivered to our client.