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What’s New in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams, the hub for team collaboration, continues to evolve in teamwork – helping your organization to achieve more. Here are the top 3 latest updates in Teams that Microsoft just released in April that will benefit your organization:

Microsoft Teams on Surface Hub

  • Cameras switch automatically and focus on the person who’s speaking in the meeting. The only disadvantage to this would be the team member at the meeting who never stops speaking or constantly interrupts….
  • Microsoft Whiteboard is now available in commercial preview.
  • You can now encourage each other by sending praise messages/badges to show your appreciation for work that’s being accomplished.
  • You can now request to add others to teams, on behalf of someone else.
  • Microsoft has increased the org-wide team size limits up to 5000 members in a team.
  • You can stay organized by choosing which teams list to show or hide.

 New Feature and Resources for IT Admins: PowerShell Module General

  • Allows you to operate and manage the teams within your organization. Previous to the 0.95 release, it only worked for teams the current user running the PowerShell was a member of, which made it too limited for any real administration. Now you can identify and manage teams on behalf of your users and make bulk updates to teams faster.
  • Ready for use in production environments, so that IT pros can start using them to create and delete teams, and other such operations.

 Make Teams Available to All Users at Your Organization

  • Those who do not have the Microsoft License can still use Teams with their work email addresses, using Microsoft Teams Commercial Cloud Trial. Which means now you can test it out without committing and understand the benefits of this extremely useful tool.

For a more in-depth look into the latest Teams updates, click here.

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