What is Cloud Managed Services?

When it comes to navigating the intricacies of Microsoft cloud technology, you need a partner who comprehends your unique business needs and aligns them with the expansive capabilities of Microsoft’s technology stack. That’s where Convverge excels. We specialize in simplifying the complexities of the Microsoft cloud ecosystem, enabling your business to fully harness its capabilities. Our in-depth expertise in Microsoft cloud technologies, like Azure, Office 365, Teams, and SharePoint, empowers businesses to optimize their operations, reduce costs, and elevate security. Check out our insightful resources on Microsoft Cloud Best Practices and Aligning Business Needs with Microsoft Technology to delve deeper into how we can serve you.

Comprehensive Microsoft Cloud Managed Services

We offer a comprehensive suite of Microsoft cloud managed services designed to meet your specific needs. Our services include:

Microsoft Cloud Operations and Support:

At Convverge, we provide round-the-clock monitoring and management of your Microsoft cloud environment to guarantee optimal uptime and performance. Our team, comprising Microsoft-certified professionals, uses state-of-the-art tools to continuously monitor your systems, instantly detecting any anomalies or issues. Given that 94% of companies report improved security after moving to the cloud, we are always ready for immediate response and swift resolution of any technical issues, thus minimizing downtime and maintaining the efficiency and productivity of your business operations.

Microsoft Cloud Security:

Cloud security is paramount, especially when 77% of enterprises have at least one application or a portion of their computing infrastructure in the cloud. At Convverge, we ensure that your Microsoft cloud environment is secure by implementing firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and employing Microsoft security best practices. We also assist with compliance management, guaranteeing that your cloud setup aligns with the relevant industry standards and regulations, such as GDPR, HIPAA, or PCI-DSS, ensuring your data is always secure and compliant.

Performance Testing and Monitoring:

Microsoft Azure and other Microsoft cloud services offer a plethora of native tools for performance testing and monitoring. At Convverge, we leverage these tools, combined with our expertise, to monitor your applications and infrastructure, ensuring they run smoothly and at their optimal performance. We continuously monitor key metrics like load time, server response time, and error rates to quickly identify and address any performance bottlenecks, ultimately leading to a better user experience.

Backup and Disaster Recovery:

Every minute of downtime can cost businesses anywhere from $140,000 to $540,000. Therefore, having a solid backup and disaster recovery plan is vital. At Convverge, we harness Microsoft’s robust cloud technologies, such as Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery, to formulate comprehensive backup strategies. These plans ensure business continuity and rapid recovery in the face of unforeseen circumstances, from minor technical glitches to major natural disasters.

Cloud Automation:

Microsoft offers a wide range of powerful automation tools, such as Azure Automation and Power Automate. At Convverge, we help you implement these tools to automate repetitive tasks, ranging from resource management to data analysis. With 68% of IT decision-makers using automation to reduce costs, this not only results in significant cost savings but also boosts productivity and operational efficiency.

Patching and Updates:

Keeping your software and systems up-to-date is a critical part of maintaining a secure and efficient cloud environment. At Convverge, we leverage Microsoft’s update management services to keep your systems patched and current. With a majority of successful cyber attacks exploiting outdated systems, we ensure your cloud environment is always equipped with the latest security patches and software updates, offering you peace of-mind security.

Transform Your Business with Convverge

At Convverge, we believe in creating tailored cloud solutions aligned with your unique business goals. Our team of Microsoft cloud experts collaborates with you to design and implement a tailor-made cloud strategy leveraging Microsoft’s advanced cloud technologies. We not just offer a service but build a partnership committed to driving your success. Explore our resource on Transforming Business with Microsoft Cloud to understand how we deliver value.

Trust in Our Expertise

With a strong track record in managing Microsoft cloud environments for businesses across various industries, Convverge is your trusted partner for cloud managed services. We not just manage your cloud environment – we ensure it’s optimized, secure, and evolves with your business needs. Discover how businesses have leveraged our expertise in our Case Studies section.

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