Unveiling the New SharePoint Web UI Kit

At Convverge, we share a genuine love for technology and the endless possibilities it brings. This love translates into a deep-rooted interest in the latest advancements in technology that can make our clients’ digital journey smoother, more engaging, and customized. That’s why we’re thrilled to explore Microsoft’s newly introduced SharePoint Web UI kit, and what it means for your organization.

Streamlining the Creative Process

Microsoft has released its first-ever modern UI toolkit, specifically designed to assist customers in confidently designing SharePoint sites and pages. This move, steered by the feedback of customers and MVPs, reflects a comprehensive understanding of the requirements and pain points of users. Leveraging Figma, an industry-leading tool for web design, this SharePoint Web UI kit delivers a plethora of web parts, styles, and templates. This approach simplifies the process of creating engaging sites, something that was far more complex in the past.

Download your toolkit here from the Microsoft Community page in Figma.

Features to Celebrate

The initial version of this SharePoint Web UI kit opens up avenues to design company and organization news communication sites, taking inspiration from the SharePoint look book. Here’s a glimpse of what it offers:

  • Web Parts: Button, Events, Hero, Image, News, Quick links, Spacer, and Text.
  • Customized Page Layouts: Utilize Figma page templates to create and modify SharePoint site layouts, including brand-specific colors and logos.
  • Configure with Ease: Adjust the Figma components for each web part as per your requirements, changing layout categories and options similar to what you’d do within SharePoint.
  • Detailed Guidance: The toolkit includes comprehensive instructions on updating and modifying content across different site parts, enhancing the user-friendliness.

The Road Ahead

What we see today is just the beginning. Microsoft acknowledges that there’s much more to be done and has committed to regular updates, expanding templates, capabilities, and form factors, including mobile responsiveness. This intention to broaden the spectrum aligns with a future vision that reflects versatility, user engagement, and adaptability.

Your feedback matters! Share your thoughts, challenges, and what you’d like to see next by visiting the SharePoint Feedback Community.

Conclusion: The Convverge Take

At Convverge, our client-centric approach and fanatical customer focus make us keen observers of advancements that can enhance your digital transformation journey. This SharePoint Web UI kit represents a significant stride in intuitive, user-friendly design. We recognize its potential in offering more time to focus on user experience, aligning with our belief in clear, simple, and engaging solutions.

While this is only a first step, it embodies a promising start to a series of tools aimed at meeting your unique needs. Connect with our team to explore how these new features can elevate your SharePoint experience and stay tuned for more exciting updates from both Microsoft and Convverge.

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