SMBs invest in Cloud

Top 6 Reasons SMBs Invest in the Cloud

Organizations spend considerable amounts of money developing and installing software to advance their operations. Establishing and running a data center is costly and a breach of security at your premises can lead to compromised data security. As you know the cloud can be a game changer for businesses – big and small! And while cloud adoption is well underway, research shows that SMBs lag behind enterprise counterparts when it comes to making the move. In fact, 96% of enterprises are using the cloud, whereas only 78% of SMBs are following suit.

Moving to the Cloud should be a priority for SMBs, but many myths and misconceptions still exist regarding the benefits of cloud technology. Below are the six most crucial and game-changing benefits that SMBs have reported after investing in cloud solutions:

  1. Higher profit and ROI – SMBS that invest in the cloud report up to 25% growth in revenue and up to 2x the profits over those who do not. Cloud deployments also provide a great ROI than traditional on-premises software projects.
  2. Reduced costs and CapEx – Cloud subscription models remove up-front capital expenditures like the high cost of hardware and software licenses. They also eliminate server and infrastructure setup, updates and upgrades, and maintenance fees.
  3. Unmatched business flexibility – In today’s mobile world, the capability to be productive on any phone, tablet or laptop provides the flexibility needed to quickly adapt to dynamic information and business needs.
  4. Automatic and seamless software upgrades – With cloud computing, all software updates are handled automatically, so critical systems always have the latest functionality and security features.
  5. Enhanced collaboration and productivity – Digital, cloud-based workspaces present the opportunity to collaborate more effectively and remove data silos to allow greater employee productivity. Cloud-based office productivity suites and all-in-one business management solutions possess integration capabilities that cannot be matched by on-premises software.
  6. Exceptional security and data protection – When storing and backing up data in the cloud, data is available and protected regardless of what happens to personal devices.

Companies that accelerate their digital transformation with cloud adoption can gain a competitive advantage by adopting digital best-practices. You will make your people more productive, and ongoing reporting and insights across your organization will allow for faster, better decision making. Contact Convverge for your free consultation.


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