The Role of Artificial Intelligence in our Society

Technology is advancing exponentially. With the all-encompassing applicability of AI, what does that mean for the next 20 years? While there is no way to know for sure where technology will take us in the future, it is important to start asking questions now.

AI technology will likely transform nearly every aspect of our lives over the next few decades. To ensure this change is positive, it’s important to start having conversations now about how to keep the application of AI inclusive, secure, and positive.

Before long, many mundane and repetitive tasks will be handled automatically by AI, freeing us to devote our time and energy to more productive and creative endeavors. More broadly, AI will enable humans to harness vast amounts of data and make breakthrough advances in areas like healthcare, agriculture, education and transportation. We’re already seeing how AI-bolstered computing can help doctors reduce medical mistakes, farmers improve yields, teachers customize instruction and researchers unlock solutions to protect our planet.

We have seen this as the internet has come of age and become an essential part of our work and private lives. The impact ranges from debates around the dinner table about how distracting our smartphones have become to public deliberations about cybersecurity, privacy, and even the role social media plays in terrorism.

Could we see a Hippocratic Oath for coders like we have for doctors? Will the future give birth to a new legal field called “AI law”? Will AI create more jobs than it will eliminate? Or will it be the other way around? The real question is not whether AI law will emerge, but how it can best come together — and over what timeframe.

This e-book explores where AI might be taking us, from changes in our future laws to future jobs. Check it out and join the conversation about where we want AI to take us in the future.

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