The Future of SharePoint

Embracing the AI Era for Enhanced Collaboration and Creativity

In our rapidly evolving digital landscape, harnessing the power of AI and smart technology to streamline workflows and boost productivity has become imperative. Leading the way in this revolution, SharePoint, a longstanding player in the realm of content collaboration and management, is introducing AI-powered features that are set to redefine the way we create and interact with content.

Copilot in SharePoint: Your Intelligent Assistant for Web Design

The introduction of Copilot in SharePoint, an AI-powered feature, marks a significant leap in SharePoint’s capabilities. Copilot transforms your existing documents into stunning SharePoint pages, effectively turning your words into compelling tools for creating and editing sites and pages.

No more will you need to engage in lengthy design processes or wrangle with intricate web visuals. Copilot leverages the capabilities of large language models and your data in Microsoft Graph to create pages that reflect the best of SharePoint’s web design visuals. But the assistance doesn’t stop there. Copilot also aids in revising key passages of text on the page, ensuring the tone and language perfectly align with your intent and engage your readers effectively.

Branding and Aesthetic Capabilities: Craft Engaging and Authentic Experiences

Understanding the rising expectations of employees for engaging and visually pleasing digital experiences, SharePoint is expanding its aesthetic capabilities. This allows for a greater degree of customization in pages and sites that are bolder, more sophisticated, and aligned with your unique brand.

The new brand center in SharePoint is a game-changer for maintaining brand consistency across sites. It empowers users to specify branding elements like fonts, colors, logos, and more. These elements, reflecting the identity of your organization, can be reused across sites. The brand center also provides the necessary guardrails to ensure that site owners align their design with your branding guidelines.

Enhanced Integration with Microsoft Stream: Make Video Content More Visible and Usable

The importance of video content in today’s digital world cannot be overstated. Recognizing this, SharePoint has integrated Microsoft Stream, which offers a superior video playback experience. This enhancement includes transcripts, captions, chapters, sharing, background noise suppression, variable speed playback, and analytics. The Microsoft Stream web part on SharePoint is now equipped to display single and multiple videos, enhancing the visibility and usability of video content across SharePoint pages.

Video Page Templates: Produce Professional Video Content Effortlessly

To further augment the video content experience, SharePoint now offers video-focused page templates. These templates make it easier than ever to publish professional video content, whether you start from SharePoint or Microsoft Stream.

If your content needs to highlight a video as the key element – such as a recording from a town hall meeting – you can leverage these new video page templates. This gives you the flexibility to create video pages directly from the video content itself, simplifying the process of incorporating professional video content into your intranet.

SharePoint is not just embracing the AI era; it is pioneering it. With features like Copilot and enhanced integration with Microsoft Stream, it is transforming content creation and management into an intuitive, streamlined process. Coupled with advanced branding capabilities and the innovative brand center, SharePoint is set to help organizations create more personalized, intuitive, and engaging digital experiences. Welcome to the future of SharePoint – powered by AI, fueled by innovation.

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