Team Spotlight: Al Eisenbart

Convverge has a great team that helps us succeed and follow our core values. Today, we want to highlight Al Eisenbart, our skilled Senior SharePoint Solutions Consultant, who has a remarkable 18-year career in web development and SharePoint that has helped us deliver dependable, top-notch solutions that exceed client expectations. 

Meet Al Eisenbart 

Al shows his commitment to Convverge’s core values in everything he does: 

Create Successful Customers: Al’s expertise in developing impactful business applications ensures our clients achieve their goals, fostering mutual success through innovative and reliable solutions. 

Operate with Integrity: Known for his dependable and transparent communication, Al exemplifies integrity in every interaction, building strong and trusting relationships with clients and colleagues alike. 

Support Each Other: Al’s collaborative spirit and willingness to lend a helping hand make him a valued team member. His empathy and authenticity are cornerstones of his approach, fostering a supportive and cohesive work environment. 

Have Fun. Enjoy the Technology: Al’s passion for technology is infectious. Whether he’s launching groundbreaking projects or exploring new tech trends, his enthusiasm and energy inspire those around him to embrace the joy of innovation. 

Develop Our People: Al is committed to continuous learning and professional growth, both for himself and his team. His mentorship and guidance have been pivotal in nurturing the development of his colleagues, encouraging them to advance their skills and knowledge. 

A Journey of Impact and Innovation: Al’s career is a testament to his dedication and hard work. Before joining Convverge, he made significant contributions at Rare Method, where he launched the Kudos app and led numerous web projects. As a co-founder of Stone Monkey Media Inc., he demonstrated his entrepreneurial spirit and strategic acumen, leading to its successful acquisition. 

Life Outside of Work: Al is more than his professional successes. He has a variety of interests and hobbies that make his life enjoyable and balanced. He is fond of music, playing guitar and attending concerts. He also takes care of his health and fitness, doing boxing and hiking in nature. His hobbies and passions make him a well-rounded person, improving his work with our team and making him a respected member of the Convverge family. 

Moving Forward: Al’s outstanding abilities and alignment with Convverge’s vision of providing customized technology solutions make him a vital contributor to our future growth. His steadfast dedication to our values keeps us ahead of the curve, creating value for our clients and nurturing a positive culture for our team. 

Join us in celebrating Al Eisenbart’s remarkable journey and contributions. We are excited about the future and confident that with Al’s expertise and dedication, Convverge will continue to achieve new heights. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our services at Convverge. 

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