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Strategies and Tools to Keep Your Data Protected

Mobility has become a key part of the modern workplace and is now crucial to company productivity, offering flexibility to employees and greater productivity to employers. However, this flexibility often requires that employees use their own devices to work when out of office. So how can you protect your data without losing the benefits of “bring your own device?”

In addition to protecting devices, Microsoft believes in protecting data – starting at its very inception. Tools such as Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Intune can help you manage access to your information and company networks without invading employee privacy.

Here are some tips for best practices to “bring your own device” security:

  • Keep your company data safe – Deploy Azure Information Protection and set up your data classification, labels, and automatic policies to control access. It will allow you to label, classify, and encrypt documents according to their level of security. Then use Windows Information Protection to protect against accidental data leaks.
  • Keep your identities safe – Manage employee identities with Azure Active Directory by allowing them to sign in to business apps and access appropriate company data on their devices, and enable conditional access to manage what apps employees can access.
  • Manage your devices in Intune – Enable Intune to be your mobile management strategy to manage the apps that employees use to do business. You can control the apps employees can access, and you have the ability to wipe a device when someone leaves the company.

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At Convverge, we work with you to empower your employees to work outside the office by balancing security concerns with work flexibility.  Our Modern Workplace Solutions uses tools from Microsoft 365 that were intentionally designed for secure access across devices to make collaboration and communication easy from anywhere.

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