Prevent Data Loss with ‘Files Restore’ for SharePoint & Microsoft Teams

Microsoft announced a new significant feature launch for Microsoft 365: Files Restore for SharePoint and Microsoft Teams! Files Restore for SharePoint and Microsoft Teams is a complete self-service recovery solution that allows administrators and end users to restore files from any point in time during the last 30 days.

If a user suspects their files have been compromised, they can investigate file changes and allow content owners to go back in time to any second in the last 30 days. Now your users and your administrators can rewind changes using activity data to find the exact moment to revert to. If a lot of your SharePoint or Teams files get accidently deleted, overwritten, corrupted, or infected by malware, you can restore your entire document library to a previous time. Files Restore helps Office 365 subscribers undo all the actions that occurred on both files and folders.

There is a slight catch however: users or administrators will be unable to restore just a single file or a single folder. Which means restoring a file as it was at a specific date may also restore other files. Based on whatever point in time you select, it will bring back all changes, renames, deletions, and corruptions.

This new feature is designed for disaster recovery when a lot of files are corrupted by malware, accidentally overwritten or damaged in other ways, so you can restore the whole library to a set point in time with one click.

Read more about the new launch here.

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