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Move from Excel to Power BI

The beauty of Microsoft Power BI as a platform is that it makes business analytics accessible for those who aren’t data scientists. With the latest version of Power BI, the February 2019 release, Microsoft has taken that a step further and now Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics are accessible, even for beginners.

Key Influencers Visual

The Key Influencers Visual is ideal for a growing business currently using Excel or something similar. With this feature, you can implement Power BI, which is really cost-effective. It’s exactly the kind of reason you should start looking to move from Excel to Power BI for in-house business analytics services and reporting because you’ll get so much more out of it.

Why is this feature so ground-breaking for business analytics?

Business users only get this level of business analytics when they get into predictive analytics, or advanced analytics. The Key Influencers chart, in a very cost-effective way, that provides the ability to do some very advanced things, which is why everyone is so enthusiastic about it. Because it’s a feature of Power BI which is cost-effective, accessible and available, it’s easy to get going with it and to start seeing the benefits of it very quickly.

We Know Business Intelligence Consulting & Power BI

Where do you start with business analytics services?  How do you bring in a tool like Power BI? Can it be tailored to meet your business needs?  If these are some of the questions you have and you’re interested in taking that first step towards adopting Power BI for smart, easy-to-use data visualizations, you’re in the right place.  Our team of data strategy consultants, data scientists, and Power BI experts love sharing what’s possible.  Get in touch.

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