Move and Modernize your Microsoft workloads with Azure

Microsoft applications and Azure have been built to work better together with flexibility, high compatibility and hybrid capabilities. With Microsoft Azure, you can improve IT application management time by as much as 80% and experience cost savings of up to 82%! Take advantage of modernizing your workload by migrating Windows Server, SQL Server, Dynamics and SharePoint to the cloud. You can migrate to Azure at your own pace with confidence and support from Microsoft. With Azure you get continual monitoring and powerful performance analysis, as well as post-migration optimization for data health and performance.  

When your organization is looking to migrate to the cloud, consider these challenges: 

  • Cost of moving – Are there affordable options that make sense for our needs? Azure includes assessment and total cost of ownership analysis tools to help you understand your next steps. 
  • Planning for migration – Are we ready for the move or will our workloads break down? Azure’s rapid replication capabilities and ongoing cost optimization reports ensure you’re meeting your needs. 
  • Go-to for support – Are there different sources for different problems? Azure offers first class and first party support. 
  • Undertaking transformation – What technologies can I depend on when executing our cloud strategy? Azure is synonymous with flexibility, high compatibility and hybrid capabilities. 

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