Microsoft Teams is now free!

If you’ve been wondering about the new collaboration tool giving Slack a run for its money called Teams and you work at an organization with fewer than 300 people; you’re in luck! Microsoft just announced that it would be offering Teams with two (2) gigs of storage at no cost to clients in the SMB space. SMB being clients sub-300 employees.

Microsoft is following the lead of its largest competitor in the space, Slack’s freemium model. What it means for you is you get a highly feature-rich product with 140+ integrations with other apps and services for FREE. Microsoft is betting that by giving you the best parts of the app for free, you will get hooked. From a user’s experience; you probably will. It’s a fantastically practical and useful business tool that we at Convverge have also been using for the better part of a year.

The paid model kicks in when you’ve reached your storage limit or want the handful of premium features. The good news there is premium licensing starts at $5/user.