Microsoft Identity-Driven Security

As technology advances, so are data breaches. In more than half of corporate data breaches, hackers gain network access through weak, default, or stolen user credentials. Using weak and outdated passwords is like leaving your front door unlocked for hackers. Microsoft acknowledges the importance of identity-driven security and their integrated strategy doesn’t stop there. With behavioural analytics, machine learning, and unique Microsoft security intelligence, you can secure your corporate files and data while freeing your employees to get their work done on the go.

That’s why Microsoft developed Azure Active Directory Premium, with features such as a single, secure sign on for all apps for each employee and multi-factor identification to make your network less password reliant.

Identity-Driven Security helps with the following:

  • Protect at the front door – Safeguard your resources at the front door with innovative and advanced risk-based conditional accesses.
  • Protect your data against user mistakes – Gain deep visibility into user, device, and data activity on-premises and in the cloud.
  • Detect attacks before they cause damage – Uncover suspicious activity and pinpoint threats with deep visibility and ongoing behavioral analytics.

As the security landscape becomes more mobile and convoluted, common security methods are no longer enough. Never speculate if you’ve been hacked; Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics can expose attacks as they occur and stop them before they cripple your organization, giving you peace of mind.

Want to learn a little more? This infographic illustrates how the holistic approach of Microsoft’s Identity-Driven Security was designed to handle the threats of today, and tomorrow.Don’t let security concerns stand in the way of progress. Give your team the tools they need to help the rest of your business be secure and ultimately thrive. Contact Convverge for your free consultation.

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