Introducing SharePoint Home Sites

By implementing an intelligent intranet, employees are given the tools they need to do their jobs well, empower teams and individuals, and offer rich social functionality. This is a great way to foster a productive and inspirational work environment and increase employee retention.

Microsoft recently announced their latest innovation for the intelligent intranet: SharePoint home sites. A home site serves as the top-level portal containing a carefully crafted collection of news, content, conversations and video to deliver an engaging experience that reflects an organization’s voice, priorities, and brand.

News can come from many different sites in your organization, but often you want to have an official site for organizational news. Home sites allow you to:

  • Balance organizational news with personalized, relevant content that can be targeted to employees.
  • Power individual productivity with personalized content and site navigation.
  • Automatically tag news from another site as news directly related to your organization.
  • Create a shared brand experience with the SharePoint start page.
  • Enable a special SharePoint mobile app experience for that site.

A SharePoint tenant admin can designate any communication site, built to the be the landing page for your organization, to be the home site. Initially it will be a simple PowerShell experience, but it will soon be added to the modern SharePoint Online admin portal.

Read more about home sites here.

Have questions? Contact Convverge for how you can leverage home sites within your organization.

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