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Four Benefits of Power Apps

Businesses rely on forms to collect data from employees in the field or in the office. Following the retirement of InfoPath several years ago, businesses have struggled to find a suitable replacement for forms technology. With its most recent releases of Power Apps, Microsoft has finally fulfilled its promise to deliver a low-code solution to building forms and apps.

Four Benefits Experienced From Leveraging Power Apps:

  1. Device agnostic technology – Users can create and interact with complex forms using iOS and Android devices, Microsoft Windows, and any web browser.
  2. Design and development skills are now optional – Power Apps attracts non-technical and business users, enabling them to build mini apps and solve challenges with a completely browser-based app and form designer.
  3. Data can reside nearly anywhere –  Now available through a native app deployed across multiple platforms, the tool enabling users to store their data across an array of data sources including Azure, SharePoint and SQL Server.
  4. Interacts seamlessly with mobile devices – Power Apps has introduced support for cameras, GPS, and even barcode scanning on mobile devices. This functionality can now be used to collect even more information through Power Apps forms, further broadening the use of the technology.

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