AI Adoption For Everyone

With AI technology being integrated into so many facets of our lives, here are some new and exciting breakthroughs recently announced by Microsoft:

  1. Simplified and automated Machine Learning: New features have been announced for Microsoft’s cloud-based Azure Machine Learning service, with the intention of enabling developers and data analysts of any skill level to easily and quickly build, train and deploy models anywhere. This is meant to increase productivity and innovate faster.
  2. Inter-operability: Microsoft promotes the exchange of computer systems and software to make use of information through a standard called ONNX Runtime, or Open Neural Network Exchange. This collaboration with other tech companies creates deployment models that work across multiple platforms. This frees up developers and data scientists to use whatever framework and hardware target is best for them. It also allows your IT department to focus on deploying and getting results.
  3. Azure Cognitive Services updates: At Build 2019, Microsoft revealed a new category of Azure Cognitive Services called Decision, which optimizes your feedback and even experiments with new options to see if the best decision has changed, allowing it to adjust to emerging trends. This new category includes Personalizer, which helps people understand context from the information gathered, to make better decisions.

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