7 New Microsoft Teams Features You Need To Know About

Unveiling Microsoft Teams’ Latest Features for 2023: Driving Your Team to New Heights

At Convverge, we are thrilled to share an overview of Microsoft Teams’ latest enhancements introduced throughout 2023. These new features are all set to redefine your collaborative experiences, streamline workflows, and secure sensitive information like never before. Let’s delve into the details:

Reinventing Collaboration and Efficiency

One of the main advancements for 2023 is the launch of Teams Premium, offering AI-powered features such as the ‘Intelligent Meeting Recap.’ Now, meeting details can be effortlessly accessed, making reviews more straightforward, faster, and smarter.

The new ‘PowerPoint Live Chapters’ function allows easy navigation within a PowerPoint Live meeting recording. ‘Live Translation for Captions’ breaks down language barriers in multilingual meetings, while ‘Meeting Templates’ deliver tailored settings for different meeting scenarios.

Tailored Security and Customization

Teams Premium has also introduced ‘Branded Meetings,’ allowing the personalization of backgrounds, buttons, and banners. ‘Personalized Watermarks’ keep sensitive data protected during Teams meetings.

For secure communication, Teams now offers ‘End-to-End Encryption (E2EE)’ for meetings, ensuring the privacy of your most confidential sessions. The newly introduced ‘Sensitivity Labels’ enable you to apply specific security settings based on meeting confidentiality.

Comprehensive Event Management and Appointment Features

With ‘Advanced Webinars,’ managing events has never been easier. Features include event registration, waitlist handling, and custom registration time settings. The new ‘Virtual Green Room’ allows presenters to prepare for their sessions in advance.

Furthermore, features like ‘RTMP-In’ and ‘Microsoft eCDN’ offer reliable and effective media streaming during live events. ‘Advanced Virtual Appointments’ provide a range of management and customization options, enhancing meetings with external guests.

Interactive and User-friendly Communication

Microsoft Teams now brings ‘Avatars’ to maintain your presence in meetings, even when off-camera. The addition of the ‘Notes Tab’ enhances collaboration within channels, and the capability to schedule in-person meetings with the Teams calendar improves scheduling flexibility.

Notably, the ‘Speaker view’ feature offers an improved viewing experience by highlighting the person currently speaking during a meeting. Also, Teams automatically lowers your hand when it senses that you’re done sharing, preventing any miscommunication.

Streamlined Accessibility and File Management

Teams have enhanced their accessibility with the introduction of closed captions for videos in PowerPoint Live presentations. The revamped files navigation panel makes file management more efficient and smoother.

Upgraded Call Management

Teams now provide users with more control over their call queue and auto attendant greetings. Manage your business hours, add on-hold music, and more without leaving Teams settings. Additionally, you can change and update your call greetings and keep the compliance recording policies for redirected calls.

Impressive Video Quality and Event Reminders

Look sharper in your Teams meetings with the Green Screen feature. It allows you to use props without distorting your virtual background. Also, the Teams feature sends webinar reminder emails an hour before the event starts, ensuring no one misses out.

Microsoft Teams’ innovative features in 2023 continue to solidify its position as a top-notch platform for promoting communication, collaboration, and productivity. As always, Convverge is ready to assist you in leveraging these advancements to maximize your Microsoft Teams experience.

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