Culture first – digital, second

When the same phrase is used time and again, over an extended period of time, two things commonly happen: first, it officially achieves buzzword status; and second, it begins to lose its meaning. Among the tech industry’s pool of du jour buzzwords, perhaps none is more prominent and overhyped – if not misunderstood – than “digital transformation.”

But like the term or not, businesses must rethink old operating models, experiment more, enhance customer experience, and become more agile to respond to business rivals.

For many organizations, digital transformation means integrating digital into every facet of the business, making digital the focus of every activity and process.

But is that really the right approach?

For a growing number of businesses, digital is increasingly being viewed as an enabler of broader business objectives rather than the end goal. In other words, many businesses are identifying what cultural changes need to take place to bring about success, and then adopting digital technologies to achieve that success. Like digital transformation itself, this shift in mindset is a journey – starting with recognizing the obstacles to digital transformation, the key attributes of a true digital culture, and how to overcome the former to become the latter.

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Identify what cultural changes will help make your organization successful, then contact Convverge to assist you in adopting the technology that will support and advance those goals.

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