Help Employees Work from Almost Anywhere, On Any Device

The landscape for the modern workplace is evolving. More than 50% of employees report that mobile technology helps them achieve work-life balance by enhancing productivity. The ability to work anywhere is important. What could you do with all the time saved by taking the communication hassles out of teamwork?

We know that you probably want to empower your employees to work remotely, but we also recognize that it can be a struggle to enable remote workers and enhance mobility within organizations.

Don’t worry–we can help. With the latest communication technology from Microsoft, you can connect the tools and services that employees use every day in a single hub for easy access. You can also help increase productivity by integrating team chats and files, and you can even reduce your company’s overhead by saving money on office space as employees are able to work remotely.

Teamwork solutions from Microsoft allow you to:

  • Enable remote workers by making chat, meetings, notes, documents, and apps available to team members anytime and anywhere.
  • Reduce overhead by saving money on office space as employees are able to work remotely.
  • Enhance mobility within your organization by allowing employees to easily access teamwork tools from any device.

Check out this infographic for industry trends, pain points, proof points, and more on why you should adopt a teamwork platform from Microsoft. And contact us to help you build it.

Need to enable a mobile workstyle for your employees? Contact us at Convverge to change the way your team communicates.

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