Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Azure Analytics with Power BI

October 17, 2019

A recent Consulting Total Economic Impact™ study published by Forrester, claims that Azure Analytics technologies and Power BI achieve a 270% return on investment for customers and increase customer satisfaction by 60%. These are pretty significant returns, which begs the next question: how do they reach this conclusion?

In this study, Forrester interviewed four customers and surveyed 364 others on their use of Azure Analytics with Power BI. Of those surveyed customers, 85% agreed or strongly agreed that well-integrated analytics databases and storage, a data management stack, and business intelligence tools were beneficial to their organization. Customers also reported a 21.9% average reduction in the overall cost of Microsoft analytics and BI offerings when compared to alternative analytics solutions.

Based on the companies interviewed and surveyed, Forrester projects that a Microsoft analytics and business intelligence (BI) solution could provide:

  • Benefits of $22.1 million over three years versus costs of $6 million, resulting in a net present value of $16.1 million and a projected return on investment of 271%.
  • Reduced total cost of ownership by 25.7%.
  • Better overall analytics system performance with improved data security, enhanced decision making, and democratized data access.

Read this information-packed report to learn about the potential financial impact Microsoft analytics can have on your organization. Contact Convverge to understand how you can begin taking advantage of these technologies and their benefits within your organization.