PowerApps Component Framework for Canvas Apps

Microsoft just recently announced an important milestone for PowerApps and D365: an experimental release of the PowerApps component framework for canvas apps. With PowerApps component framework, developers can now develop their own code components and use them inside canvas apps.

What does this mean for your organization? A rich user experience and stunning data visualization. What does it mean for developers? 3rd party developers can build compelling visual components in PowerApps and Dynamics 365, using the same framework which the Microsoft team uses. This means you can use PowerApps component framework to create custom components in model-driven apps, to provide an enhanced user experience for the users to view and work with data in forms, views and dashboards.

There are 2 major advantages to this: reusability and packaging. Components are fully configurable, can be reused on multiple surfaces and can be bundled into a solution and transferred across environments.Read more about the announcement here.

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