Improve Health & Safety Collaboration with SharePoint & Power BI

Our client, a publicly traded energy company, was motivated to create an improved health, safety and environment (HSE) hub. Their objective was to better engage their staff through the timely and accurate capture and reporting of safety incidents and near misses. With a large workforce in the field, our client required a solution that was supported on mobile devices, and available at any time and from anywhere.

The Challenge

  • Create a technology-enabled HSE data capture and reporting solution accessible by all field and head-office staff.
  • Allow corporate executives and board members to quickly understand HSE KPIs to drive better decision making.
  • Deploy a technical solution using Microsoft technologies, which were already being supported in-house by the client.

The Solution

Convverge delivered a technically sound, visually pleasing and intuitive HSE solution. With the use of Microsoft technologies, Convverge provided:

  • Web forms delivered through the SharePoint platform to capture incidents, incident investigations, near misses, and audit inspections, among other data.
  • A series of interactive reports and dashboards driven by Power BI, integrated into and distributed by SharePoint to the appropriate personnel.

The Outcome

Convverge was able to deliver an advanced technical solution that feels simple and straight forward to use. HSE KPIs are now consumed by all employees, assisting in creating a sense of ownership in company safety throughout the organization. Field reporting of HSE events are now streamlined with the ability for both summarized and detailed data analysis. Finally, the SharePoint foundation and deployed solutions are scalable to support our client’s expected growth.