Calgary-based technology firm REFINECO Inc. announces rebrand as Convverge

May 28, 2018

CALGARY, May 28, 2018 /CNW/ – Software development firm REFINECO Inc. is excited to announce its official rebrand as Convverge Inc, – a venture that strives to put powerful software into the hands of their business clients, faster. The change to Convverge reflects a growing movement in our Alberta technology market. Companies are doing away with the status quo, looking instead to embrace innovation, pivoting to adopt new and modern solutions, making increased investments into cloud technologies and leveraging data to make better decisions.

What does this mean for clients?
Convverge’s foundation isn’t changing. They have developed a broadened approach which is enabling the organization to add even greater value to their clients. “We remain passionate about making the Microsoft stack work beautifully within the technology environment, but now we are introducing dashboards, workflows, process automation and other solutions that have a dramatically positive effect on your business,” says Randy Wetmore, VP Sales for Convverge.

Why the change?
“Over the past seven years we’ve been fortunate to attract talent in our team, and attract business clients that together have immersed into some pretty impressive evolving trends,” says Eric Veenendaal, President of Convverge. “It’s an exciting time for everyone, and we’re here to increase that value through the better utilization of technology.”

Why Convverge?
The market today is experiencing an emerging trend away from creating custom, homegrown solutions to focusing on the integration and consolidation of existing technology and platforms across businesses. In practical terms, businesses are focused less on creating new solutions from scratch and more on increasing value and interoperability from tools and platforms they’ve already been using.

Convverge reflects their focus on consolidating existing technology into powerful and useable solutions to match client’s business challenges. Convverge puts an emphasis on ensuring a stunning internal user experience while delivering value faster through templated approaches such as configurable Pistachio accelerators – exclusive to Convverge.

“Clients want to take advantage of Microsoft technology like Azure, Forms, Flow, PowerApps, and Power BI in practical situations,” comments Eric. “To date, we have demonstrated a strong ability to connect business leaders and users with solutions that are simple, thoughtful, and powerful. Having consumable information at decision makers fingertips starts with data capture, conversion, and collaboration and we are thrilled to share our ideas on how we can do this together.”

Technology is moving forward rapidly. Convverge is here to ensure businesses don’t fall behind.

About Convverge
Convverge assists companies achieve greater profitability and growth by leveraging Microsoft technologies that bring people and information together to make better decisions, faster.

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