The Importance of Establishing Client Relationships

December 12, 2014

Client relationships define business success. Long-term working relationships with clients are typically the most consistent, reliable source of work and financial stability for a company. The ability to build rapport, communicate effectively and establish some sort of connection is essential for the growth of a company as well as building a lasting foundation for success. The growth of a company depends largely on fostering strong trusting relationships with clients, maintaining high levels of service and providing high quality products.

Having been in the customer service industry for more than half of my life, it has been permanently embedded in my brain that the customer’s experience must be positive and of value if you want customers to return. It is critical to have employees that believe in and are passionate about the product, and are properly trained and educated on the services or products being offered.

You see the impact of good customer service every day. For example, the daily encounter that you have with the barista who remembers your favorite drink or in the trust that forms over time with a local mechanic. All of your personal and professional relationships are built on trust and communication. In order for business relationships to thrive the customer must feel that their best interests are being met.

Meeting the agreed upon deadlines is critical in building a positive client relationship. Clients have high expectations for the products or services that they purchase. In my case, we provide a service as well as certain level of support, engagement and innovation. If there is an agreed upon deadline and it is not met, or if not enough warning is given about the deadline not being met, then the client’s business might suffer, and in turn, so will ours. A good client relationship requires regular communication of objectives and timelines, attendance and coordination of meetings, and the reliable timely delivery of the service. According to this article in Forbes online, “freedom from worry builds trust, and clients prefer sticking with a business they can trust rather than waste time looking for someone else.”

Here are a few articles that may be of interest for improving your client relationships and communication:

Being able to provide exceptional and innovative customer service is fundamental for building valuable client relationships. The client’s overall experience is essential for a company’s long-term growth and development. Communicating successfully with clients will increase client retention, client satisfaction as well as referrals. Treating our clients with consideration and communicating effectively are simple yet powerful methods of improving the success of the business, and it’s something that we all can do.